Enriching the Experience of Hammonasset Beach State Park

Commemorative Tree Program

Sponsor a tree at Hammonasset Beach State Park to memorialize or honor a loved one, celebrate a special event, a milestone or accomplishment!

Over 300 shade and ornamental trees were planted in the Park. The Park was in need of more trees in picnic areas, the campgrounds and Nature Center. More trees will be needed to replace those lost as a result of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Sandy. Due to budget constraints, the State does not have the resources for planting. Private participation is vital. Many visitors to the park enjoy a connection to nature when they visit the Park. Planting a tree for a loved one or for a special occasion will offer a way to make that connection even stronger, and also benefit the Park.

HOW IT WORKS The Friends have purchased the trees and Park personnel have planted them. Some of these trees are still available for sponsorship. There are a variety available for sponsorship. The Donor chooses a tree by type and location. A commemorative plaque listing the name of the donor and the Honoree will be displayed at Meigs Point Nature Center. Honoree certificates are also provided. The trees will be owned by the State, making your donation tax deductible.

LEVELS OF SPONSORSHIP $125.00 or $225.00 (dependent on size and species of tree)

SPECIES: FoH consulted with members of the Yale Forestry Department, and chose, whenever possible, species native to Southern New England, and suited to the habitat of Hammonasset Beach State Park. Conifers include: Colorado Blue Spruce, White Pine, Douglas Fir and White Spruce. Deciduous Trees include: Red Maple, Honey Locust, Linden, Ash, Elm and Zelkova.

A Map of the trees and their locations will be available soon.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, email info@hammonasset.org.