The Meigs Point Butterfly Garden was started in 2000. It is now maintained by volunteer members of The Friends of Hammonasset. The garden is surrounded by acres of native park habitat. Many butterflies live in the park, feeding off the naturally occurring wild flowers, weeds and grasses. To draw these butterflies and others, many plants are being tested in the garden, athough the main criteria is adaptability to the dry sandy conditions found at this site.

Meigs Point Butterfly Garden Butterflies are most abundant on warm sunny days. As spring turns to summer, more flowers bloom and the chances of seeing a greater variery of butterflies increases.

Be sure to look for black swallowtail larvae on the parsley plants. Monarch migration time in September is a garden highlight. Hundreds of monarchs fly by the garden daily, and many roost overnight in the mature pine and cedar trees near the garden. Three monarchs tagged here in 2002 were recovered at their winter home in Mexico, a journey of more than 2000 miles!

The Meigs Point Butterfly Garden serves as an educationd tool for naturalists, students and teachers. It is a demonstration garden for homeowners, an inspiration for artists and photographers, and a great picnic spot. Enjoy!